Genome slicer

You can extract a genomic region of your interest in a fasta format by specifying scaffold_id and start and end positions.
Please fill in the form following the example shown below. You can also get the sequence directly by opening the URLs.

Enter region information below:


You can set multiple queries by separating each query with a semicolon (;) or by specifying them, one per line.

Specific region(s) in scaffolds

Ver 3.1 format
  scaffold_1:1234-56789  or  URL
  scaffold_10:1234-2345,3456-4567  or  URL
  Chr_Y_A:7777-9999  or  URL

Ver 0.6 format
  scaffold00001:1234-56789  or  URL
  scaffold00010:1234-2345,3456-4567  or  URL

If you want to put a specific name to the retrieved sequence:
  sequenceX>scaffold00001:1234-56789  or  URL

whole scaffold sequences

Ver 3.1 format
  scaffold_1  or  URL
  scaffold_200;scaffold_201  or  URL
  Chr_Y_A;Chr_Y_B  or  URL

Ver 0.6 format
  scaffold00001  or  URL
  scaffold00200;scaffold00201  or  URL