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You can register your Marchantia genes here. Please follow the instructions below.

  • The prefix "Mp" does not appear in this registration system, e.g., PHOT. However, when you refer to M. polymorpha genes elsewhere, you have to add "Mp" to their symbols, e.g., MpPHOT, as proposed in the nomenclature rules.
  • The system DOES NOT distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • "Log in" by your own account is required for gene registration. If you are registering your genes for the first time, please make your account for gene registration. Send request to
  1. Review the nomenclature rules carefully.
  2. Search the symbol of your gene on the search page and confirm it has not been reserved.
    If you try to register an existing symbol, you'll be directed to an "Edit..." page instead of a "Create..." page.
  3. Enter the symbol of your gene to be registered WITHOUT THE PREFIX Mp.

Example: PHOT (do not put the "Mp" prefix)

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