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About this site

The aim of this site is to keep the names of Marchantia genes organized, promoting collaboration and avoiding unnecessary confusion. In this site, you can look up the database to make sure a name or symbol you are considering is unique, and then register/reserve it.

This site is operated by Genome Informatics Laboratory, the National Institute of Genetics and Marchantia Working Group organized by John Bowman and Takayuki Kohchi.

If you have any questions and comments, please let us know by E-mail.

Marchantia Gene Nomenclature
- Documentation of Marchantia gene nomenclature.
Browse Registered Marchantia Genes and Gene Symbols
- Check the registered gene symbols for Marchantia.
Register Marchantia Genes
- Register new gene symbols or edit registered gene symbols.

Test Accounts

Users should have their account to register Marchantia gene symbols or edit those annotations.
However we prepare several guest accounts, which never enable to edit data for trial users.

Username password
guest01 guest01nig
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