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Marchantia Gene Nomenclature

This site aims to provide a consistent and organized nomenclature system for Marchantia genes.
We strongly recommend that gene symbols and names should be registered before publications and presentations.
See Guidelines by Bowman et al. (PCP, 2016).

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Gene symbol Full name Product Reference Mapoly ID Status
Mp1R-MYB1 Mp1R-MYB1 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0004s0169.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB11 Mp1R-MYB11 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0042s0058.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB12 Mp1R-MYB12 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0043s0095.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB13 Mp1R-MYB13 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0045s0043.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB14 Mp1R-MYB14 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0075s0051.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB15 Mp1R-MYB15 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0079s0052.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB16 Mp1R-MYB16 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0084s0085.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB17 Mp1R-MYB17 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0090s0091.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB18 Mp1R-MYB18 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0091s0012.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB19 Mp1R-MYB19 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0092s0004.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB2 Mp1R-MYB2 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0007s0033.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB20 Mp1R-MYB20 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0162s0017.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB21 Mp1R-MYB21 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0250s0002.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB22 Mp1R-MYB22 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0811s0001.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB3 Mp1R-MYB3 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0008s0016.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB4 Mp1R-MYB4 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0009s0010.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB5 Mp1R-MYB5 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0013s0145.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB6 Mp1R-MYB6 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0014s0193.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB7 Mp1R-MYB7 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0020s0013.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB8 Mp1R-MYB8 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0022s0028.1 Public
Mp1R-MYB9 Mp1R-MYB9 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0023s0090.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB1 Mp3R-MYB1 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0036s0107.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB2 Mp3R-MYB2 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0058s0005.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB3 Mp3R-MYB3 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0132s0029.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB4 Mp3R-MYB4 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0132s0031.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB5 Mp3R-MYB5 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0150s0001.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB6 Mp3R-MYB6 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0166s0022.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB7 Mp3R-MYB7 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0210s0005.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB8 Mp3R-MYB8 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0240s0002.1 Public
Mp3R-MYB9 Mp3R-MYB9 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0330s0001.1 Public
Mp4R-MYB1 Mp4R-MYB1 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0061s0069.1 Public
MpAAP1 AMINO ACID PERMEASE 1 amino acid transporter - Public
MpAAP2 AMINO ACID PERMEASE 2 amino acid transporter - Public
MpAAP3 AMINO ACID PERMEASE 3 amino acid transporter - Public
MpAAP4 AMINO ACID PERMEASE 4 amino acid transporter - Public
MpAAP5 AMINO ACID PERMEASE 5 amino acid transporter - Public
MpABA1 MpABA1 zeaxanthin epoxidase Mapoly0028s0084.1 Public
MpABA4 MpABA4 neoxanthin synthase Mapoly0134s0007.1 Public
MpABCB1 ATP-BINDING CASSETTE B 1 Auxin transport Mapoly0075s0053 Public
MpABCB2 ATP-BINDING CASSETTE B 2 Auxin transport Mapoly0075s0052 Public
MpABCB3 ATP-BINDING CASSETTE B 3 Auxin transport Mapoly0037s0014 Public
MpABCB4 ATP-BINDING CASSETTE B 4 Auxin transport Mapoly0182s0009 Public
MpABCB5 ATP-BINDING CASSETTE B 5 Auxin transport Mapoly0115s0036 Public
MpABI1 ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE1 Type 2C protein phosphatase, group A Tougane et al. Plant Physiol. 2010 152:1529-43. PMID: 20097789 MapolyY_A0044.1 Published
MpABI1A MpABI1A Type 2C protein phosphatase, group A MapolyY_A0044.1 Public
MpABI1B MpABI1B Type 2C protein phosphatase, group A Mapoly0017s0024.1 Public
MpABI3A MpABI3A B3-domain transcription factor abscisic acid-insensitive 3 Mapoly0086s0035.1 Public
MpABI5A MpABI5A bZIP transcription factor Mapoly0069s0009.1 Public
MpABI5B MpABI5B bZIP transcription factor Mapoly0072s0050.1 Public
MpACS ACETYL-COA SYNTHETASE Potential acetyl-coA synthetase, possible ortholog to AtACS Mapoly0034s0060 Public
MpACS-RELATE ACETYL-COA SYNTHETASE-RELATED Potential role in ethylene synthesis Mapoly0001s0058 Public
MpAGC1 AGC KINASE 1 AGC VIIIa kinase AGC1 - Public
MpAGC2 AGC KINASE 2 AGC VIIIb kinase AGC2 - Public
MpALFIN1 MpAlfin1 transcription factor, Alfin1-like Mapoly0029s0079.1 Public
MpALFIN2 MpAlfin2 transcription factor, Alfin1-like Mapoly0065s0031.1 Public
MpAMT1.2 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 1.2 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT1.3 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 1.3 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT1.4 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 1.4 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT1.5 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 1.5 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT1.6 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 1.6 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT1.7 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 1.7 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT1.8 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 1.8 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT1.9 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 1.9 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.1 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.1 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.10 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.10 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.2 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.2 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.3 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.3 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.4 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.4 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.5 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.5 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.6 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.6 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.7 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.7 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.8 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.8 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAMT2.9 AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER 2.9 ammonium transporter - Public
MpAO MpAO abscisic aldehyde oxidase Mapoly0013s0153.1 Public
MpAP2B3-1 MpAP2B3-1, MpRAV transcription factor, AP2-B3 Mapoly0072s0102.1 Public
MpAP2B3-2 MpAP2B3-2, MpREM3 transcription factor, AP2-B3 Mapoly0093s0032.1 Public
MpAP2L1 MpAP2L1 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0008s0071.1 Public
MpAP2L2 MpAP2L2 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0009s0013.1 Public
MpAP2L3 MpAP2L3 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0048s0045.1 Public
MpAP2L4 MpAP2L4 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0144s0031.1 Public
MpAP2L5 MpAP2L5 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0144s0032.1 Public
MpAP2L6 MpAP2L6 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0144s0033.1 Public
MpAP2L7 MpAP2L7 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly1480s0001.1 Public
MpARA6 Arabidopsis thaliana gene 6 RAB GTPase Mapoly0077s0027.1 Public
MpARF1 AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR1 Transcriptiion factor, similarity to Arabidopsis activator ARFs. Kato et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005084 (2015) PMID: 26020919; Flores-Sandval et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005207 (2015). PMID: 26020649 - Published
MpARF2 AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR2 Transcriptiion factor, similarity to Arabidopsis repressor ARFs. Kato et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005084 (2015) PMID: 26020919; Flores-Sandval et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005207 (2015). PMID: 26020649 - Published
MpARF3 AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR3 Transcriptiion factor, similarity to Arabidopsis repressor ARFs. Kato et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005084 (2015) PMID: 26020919; Flores-Sandval et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005207 (2015). PMID: 26020649 - Published
MpARFA1 ADP-ribosylation factor A1 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0003s0313.1 Public
MpARFA2 ADP-ribosylation factor A2 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0004s0279.1 Public
MpARFA3 ADP-ribosylation factor A3 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0023s0085.1 Public
MpARFB1 ADP-ribosylation factor B1 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0013s0061.1 Public
MpARFB2 ADP-ribosylation factor B2 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0003s0186.1 Public
MpARFC1 ADP-ribosylation factor C1 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0083s0064.1 Public
MpARFC2 ADP-ribosylation factor C2 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0013s0177.1 Public
MpARFC3 ADP-ribosylation factor C3 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0071s0114.1 Public
MpARFD1 ADP-ribosylation factor D1 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0042s0078.1 Public
MpARFD2 ADP-ribosylation factor D2 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0044s0050.1 Public
MpARFD3 ADP-ribosylation factor D3 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0044s0052.1 Public
MpARFD4 ADP-ribosylation factor D4 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0105s0044.1 Public
MpARFLA ADP-ribosylation factor like A SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0129s0042.1 Public
MpARFLB ADP-ribosylation factor like B SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0024s0084.1 Public
MpARFLC ADP-ribosylation factor like C SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0224s0005.1 Public
MpARID-HMGBOX MpARID-HMGbox transcription factor, ARID-HMGbox Mapoly0043s0128.1 Public
MpARID1 MpARID1 transcription factor, ARID Mapoly0013s0062.1 Public
MpARID2 MpARID2 transcription factor, ARID Mapoly0030s0125.1 Public
MpARID3 MpARID3 transcription factor, ARID Mapoly0062s0083.1 Public
MpARID4 MpARID4 transcription factor, ARID Mapoly0094s0004.1 Public
MpASLBD1 MpASLBD1 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0004s0047.1 Public
MpASLBD10 MpASLBD10 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0084s0032.1 Public
MpASLBD11 MpASLBD11 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0093s0018.1 Public
MpASLBD12 MpASLBD12 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0093s0069.1 Public
MpASLBD13 MpASLBD13 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0097s0062.1 Public
MpASLBD14 MpASLBD14 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0152s0027.1 Public
MpASLBD15 MpASLBD15 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0153s0039.1 Public
MpASLBD16 MpASLBD16 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0173s0030.1 Public
MpASLBD17 MpASLBD17 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0176s0008.1 Public
MpASLBD18 MpASLBD18 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0721s0001.1 Public
MpASLBD19 MpASLBD19 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0817s0001.1 Public
MpASLBD2 MpASLBD2 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0008s0060.1 Public
MpASLBD20 MpASLBD20 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly1185s0001.1 Public
MpASLBD21 MpASLBD21 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly1803s0001.1 Public
MpASLBD22 MpASLBD22 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly3661s0001.1 Public
MpASLBD23 MpASLBD23 transcription factor, ASL/LBD - Public
MpASLBD24 MpASLBD24 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0050s0090.1 Public
MpASLBD3 MpASLBD3 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0009s0166.1 Public
MpASLBD4 MpASLBD4 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0011s0037.1 Public
MpASLBD5 MpASLBD5 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0046s0060.1 Public
MpASLBD6 MpASLBD6 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0051s0062.1 Public
MpASLBD7 MpASLBD7 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0058s0090.1 Public
MpASLBD8 MpASLBD8 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0060s0092.1 Public
MpASLBD9 MpASLBD9 transcription factor, ASL/LBD Mapoly0080s0037.1 Public
MpATHOOK1 MpAThook1 transcription factor, AThook Mapoly0102s0028.1 Public
MpATHOOK2 MpAThook2 transcription factor, AThook Mapoly0129s0052.1 Public
MpATHOOK3 MpAThook3 transcription factor, AThook Mapoly0151s0042.1 Public
MpAUX1 AUXIN RESISTANT 1 Encodes auxin influx transporter Mapoly0107s0048 Public
MpB3-1 MpB3-1, MpARF2 transcription factor, B3 Mapoly0011s0167.1 Public
MpB3-2 MpB3-2, MpREM2 transcription factor, B3 Mapoly0015s0164.1 Public
MpB3-3 MpB3-3, MpARF1 transcription factor, B3 Mapoly0019s0045.1 Public
MpB3-4 MpB3-4, MpARF3 transcription factor, B3 Mapoly0043s0098.1 Public
MpB3-5 MpB3-5, MpVAL/HSL transcription factor, B3 Mapoly0074s0026.1 Public
MpB3-6 MpB3-6, MpABI3A transcription factor, B3 Mapoly0086s0035.1 Public
MpB3-7 MpB3-7, MpREM1 transcription factor, B3 Mapoly0183s0010.1 Public
MpB3-8 MpB3-8, MpABI3B transcription factor, B3 Mapoly0474s0001.1 Public
MpBBX1 MpBBX1 transcription factor, BBX Mapoly0027s0033.1 Public
MpBBX2 MpBBX2 transcription factor, BBX Mapoly0049s0030.1 Public
MpBBX3 MpBBX3 transcription factor, BBX Mapoly0049s0067.1 Public
MpBBX4 MpBBX4 transcription factor, BBX Mapoly0064s0079.1 Public
MpBBX5 MpBBX5 transcription factor, BBX Mapoly0110s0028.1 Public
MpBBX6 MpBBX6 transcription factor, BBX Mapoly0122s0029.1 Public
MpBELL1 MpBELL1 Homeodomain protein Mapoly0213s0014 Public
MpBELL2 MpBELL2 Homeodomain protein Mapoly0132s0008 Public
MpBELL3 MpBELL3 Homeodomain protein Mapoly0012s0090 Public
MpBELL4 MpBELL4 Homeodomain protein Mapoly0013s0027 Public
MpBELL5 MpBELL5 Homeodomain protein Mapoly0093s0028 Public
MpBET1 Blocked early in transport 1 Ortholog of Arabidopsis BET1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0002s0103 Published
MpBHLH1 MpbHLH1 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0124s0021.1 Public
MpBHLH10 MpbHLH10 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0098s0046.1 Public
MpBHLH11 MpbHLH11 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0054s0021.1 Public
MpBHLH12 MpbHLH12 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0031s0161.1 Public
MpBHLH13 MpbHLH13 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0040s0112.1 Public
MpBHLH14 MpbHLH14, MpRSL1 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0039s0003.1 Public
MpBHLH15 MpbHLH15 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0038s0058.1 Public
MpBHLH16 MpbHLH16 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0150s0015.1 Public
MpBHLH17 MpbHLH17 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0150s0016.1 Public
MpBHLH18 MpbHLH18 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0016s0110.1 Public
MpBHLH19 MpbHLH19 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0088s0049.1 Public
MpBHLH2 MpbHLH2 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0028s0062.1 Public
MpBHLH20 MpbHLH20 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0024s0106.1 Public
MpBHLH21 MpbHLH21 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0037s0007.1 Public
MpBHLH22 MpbHLH22 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0030s0141.1 Public
MpBHLH23 MpbHLH23 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0114s0037.1 Public
MpBHLH24 MpbHLH24 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0012s0202.1 Public
MpBHLH25 MpbHLH25 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0012s0026.1 Public
MpBHLH26 MpbHLH26 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0018s0018.1 Public
MpBHLH27 MpbHLH27 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0001s0259.1 Public
MpBHLH28 MpbHLH28 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0091s0008.1 Public
MpBHLH29 MpbHLH29 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0015s0003.1 Public
MpBHLH3 MpbHLH3 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0028s0060.1 Public
MpBHLH30 MpbHLH30 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0015s0001.1 Public
MpBHLH31 MpbHLH31 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0232s0001.1 Public
MpBHLH32 MpbHLH32 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0034s0053.1 Public
MpBHLH33 MpbHLH33 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0029s0135.1 Public
MpBHLH34 MpbHLH34 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0029s0130.1 Public
MpBHLH35 MpbHLH35 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0031s0072.1 Public
MpBHLH36 MpbHLH36 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0031s0074.1 Public
MpBHLH37 MpbHLH37 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0031s0076.1 Public
MpBHLH38 MpbHLH38 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0126s0029.1 Public
MpBHLH39 MpbHLH39 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0073s0059.1 Public
MpBHLH4 MpbHLH4 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0028s0058.1 Public
MpBHLH40 MpbHLH40 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0073s0051.1 Public
MpBHLH41 MpbHLH41 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0100s0033.1 Public
MpBHLH42 MpbHLH42 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0048s0099.1 Public
MpBHLH43 MpbHLH43, MpLRL1 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0502s0001.1 Public
MpBHLH44 MpbHLH44 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0174s0004.1 Public
MpBHLH45 MpbHLH45 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0055s0052.1 Public
MpBHLH46 MpbHLH46 transcription factor, bHLH MapolyY_B0018 Public
MpBHLH47 MpbHLH47 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0028s0101.1 Public
MpBHLH48 MpbHLH48 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0028s0100.1 Public
MpBHLH49 MpbHLH49 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0025s0044.1 Public
MpBHLH5 MpbHLH5 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0035s0146.1 Public
MpBHLH50 MpbHLH50 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0031s0075.1 Public
MpBHLH51 MpbHLH51 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0013s0167.1 Public
MpBHLH6 MpbHLH6, MpPIF transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0039s0059.1 Public
MpBHLH7 MpbHLH7 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0039s0068.1 Public
MpBHLH8 MpbHLH8 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0021s0100.1 Public
MpBHLH9 MpbHLH9 transcription factor, bHLH Mapoly0021s0101.1 Public
MpBPC1 MpBPC1 transcription factor, BBR/BPC Mapoly0018s0011.1 Public
MpBPC2 MpBPC2 transcription factor, BBR/BPC MapolyY_B0017 Public
MpBZIP1 MpbZIP1 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0001s0021.1 Public
MpBZIP10 MpbZIP10 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0046s0102.1 Public
MpBZIP11 MpbZIP11 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0069s0009.1 Public
MpBZIP12 MpbZIP12 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0072s0050.1 Public
MpBZIP13 MpbZIP13 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0122s0020.1 Public
MpBZIP14 MpbZIP14 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0130s0030.1 Public
MpBZIP15 MpbZIP15 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0737s0001.1 Public
MpBZIP2 MpbZIP2 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0007s0056.1 Public
MpBZIP3 MpbZIP3 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0012s0172.1 Public
MpBZIP4 MpbZIP4 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0015s0005.1 Public
MpBZIP5 MpbZIP5 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0016s0098.1 Public
MpBZIP6 MpbZIP6 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0019s0040.1 Public
MpBZIP7 MpbZIP7 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0022s0095.1 Public
MpBZIP8 MpbZIP8 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0026s0039.1 Public
MpBZIP9 MpbZIP9 transcription factor, bZIP Mapoly0034s0126.1 Public
MpBZR1 MpBZR1 transcription factor, BZR/BES Mapoly0013s0054.1 Public
MpBZR2 MpBZR2 transcription factor, BZR/BES Mapoly0019s0096.1 Public
MpBZR3 MpBZR3 transcription factor, BZR/BES Mapoly0072s0031.1 Public
MpC1HDZ CLASS I HOMEODOMAIN-LEUCINE ZIPPER Homeodomain protein Mapoly0007s0221 Public
MpC2H2-1 MpC2H2-1 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0003s0245.1 Public
MpC2H2-10 MpC2H2-10 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0069s0060.1 Public
MpC2H2-11 MpC2H2-11 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0069s0082.1 Public
MpC2H2-12 MpC2H2-12 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0070s0095.1 Public
MpC2H2-13 MpC2H2-13 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0085s0044.1 Public
MpC2H2-14 MpC2H2-14 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0089s0067.1 Public
MpC2H2-15 MpC2H2-15 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0095s0037.1 Public
MpC2H2-16 MpC2H2-16 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0110s0001.1 Public
MpC2H2-17 MpC2H2-17 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0153s0037.1 Public
MpC2H2-2 MpC2H2-2 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0006s0064.1 Public
MpC2H2-3 MpC2H2-3 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0011s0122.1 Public
MpC2H2-4 MpC2H2-4 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0016s0064.1 Public
MpC2H2-5 MpC2H2-5 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0019s0115.1 Public
MpC2H2-6 MpC2H2-6 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0029s0022.1 Public
MpC2H2-7 MpC2H2-7 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0041s0098.1 Public
MpC2H2-8 MpC2H2-8 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0061s0023.1 Public
MpC2H2-9 MpC2H2-9 transcription factor, C2H2-ZnF Mapoly0068s0079.1 Public
MpC2HDZ CLASS II HOMEODOMAIN-LEUCINE ZIPPER Homeodomain protein Mapoly0069s0069 Public
MpC3HDZ CLASS III HOMEODOMAIN-LEUCINE ZIPPER Homeodomain protein Mapoly0061s0107 Public
MpC4HDZ CLASS IV HOMEODOMAIN-LEUCINE ZIPPER Homeodomain protein Zalewski et al., Mol. Biol. Evol. 30, 2347-2365 (2013). Mapoly0156s0012 Published
MpCAMTA MpCAMTA transcription factor, CAMTA Mapoly0074s0081.1 Public
MpCAPE COMBINED AC WITH PDE adenylyl cyclase with a phosphodiestrase domain Mapoly0068s0004 Public
MpCBF5 MpCBF5 transcription factor, CBF5 Mapoly0138s0004.1 Public
MpCCAAT-NFYA MpCCAAT-NFYA transcription factor, CCAAT-NFYA Mapoly0019s0144.1 Public
MpCCAAT-NFYB1 MpCCAAT-NFYB1 transcription factor, CCAAT-NFYB Mapoly0214s0002.1 Public
MpCCAAT-NFYB2 MpCCAAT-NFYB2 transcription factor, CCAAT-NFYB Mapoly0216s0010.1 Public
MpCCAAT-NFYC1 MpCCAAT-NFYC1 transcription factor, CCAAT-NFYC Mapoly0005s0152.1 Public
MpCCAAT-NFYC2 MpCCAAT-NFYC2 transcription factor, CCAAT-NFYC Mapoly0053s0058.1 Public
MpCCAAT-NFYC3 MpCCAAT-NFYC3 transcription factor, CCAAT-NFYC Mapoly0168s0007.1 Public
MpCDC5 MpCDC5 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0014s0195.1 Public
MpCDF Marchantia polymorpha CYCLIC DOF FACTOR, MpCDF transcription factor, Dof Mapoly0001s0192.1 Public
MpCEN1 CENTRIN1 centrin - Public
MpCEN2 CENTRIN2 centin - Public
MpCHUP1 CHLOROPLAST UNUSUAL POSITIONING 1 actin-binding protein CHUP1 - Public
MpCIB1 cryptochrome-interacting basic-helix-loop-helix 1 A bHLH transcription factor - Public
MpCIB2 cryptochrome-interacting basic-helix-loop-helix 2 A bHLH transcription factor - Public
MpCLE1 CLAVATA3/EMBRYO SURROUNDING REGION-RELATED 1 peptide hormone Mapoly1011s0001.1 Public
MpCLE2 CLAVATA3/EMBRYO SURROUNDING REGION-RELATED 2 peptide hormone Mapoly0084s0052.1 Public
MpCLV1 CLAVATA 1 leucine rich repeat receptor kinase Mapoly0002s0106 Public
MpCOI1 Coronatine Insensitive 1 Receptor of OPDA-derived ligand Mapoly0025s0025 Public
MpCOP1 CONSTITUTIVELY PHOTOMORPHOGENIC 1 A RING finger E3 ubiquitin ligase - Public
MpCRY cryptochrome blue-light receptor CRYPTOCHROME - Public
MpCSD MpCSD transcription factor, CSD Mapoly0005s0203.1 Public
MpCSI cellulose synthase-interactive protein C2 calcium-dependent membrane targeting - Public
MpCTR1 CONSTITUTIVE TRIPLE RESPONSE 1-3 Potential negative regulator of ethylene signal transduction pathway. Potential orthologs to AtCTRs Mapoly0079s0028 Public
MpCTR2 CONSTITUTIVE TRIPLE RESPONSE 1-3 Potential negative regulator of ethylene signal transduction pathway. Potential orthologs to AtCTRs Mapoly0079s0050 Public
MpCTR3 CONSTITUTIVE TRIPLE RESPONSE 1-3 Potential negative regulator of ethylene signal transduction pathway. Potential orthologs to AtCTRs Mapoly0154s0032 Public
MpCXC1 MpCXC1 transcription factor, CXC Mapoly0023s0118.1 Public
MpCXC2 MpCXC2 transcription factor, CXC Mapoly0038s0096.1 Public
MpCXC3 MpCXC3 transcription factor, CXC Mapoly0084s0051.1 Public
MpCYP Cytochrome P450 Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase - Public
MpCYP707A MpCYP707A ABA 8’-hydorxylase Mapoly0025s0085.1 Public
MpDAZ DUO1-ACTIVATED ZINC FINGER C2H2 Zn-finger transcription factor, ortholog of Arabidopsis thaliana DAZ1 and DAZ2 - Public
MpDDB1 UV-damaged DNA-binding protein 1 A subunit of CDD complex - Public
MpDDT1 DDT1 Homeodomain protein Mapoly0005s0159 Public
MpDDT2 DDT2 Homeodomain protein Mapoly0029s0015 Public
MpDEL1 MpDEL1 transcription factor, E2F/DP/DEL Mapoly0159s0029.1 Public
MpDEL2 MpDEL2 transcription factor, E2F/DP/DEL Mapoly0198s0008.1 Public
MpDELLA DELLA putative GRAS family transcription factor DELLA, - Public
MpDES5 FATTY ACID DESATURASE 5 Δ5 fatty acid desaturase Kajikawa et al. Plant Mol. Biol. 2004 54:335-52 - Published
MpDES6 FATTY ACID DESATURASE 6 Δ6 fatty acid desaturase Kajikawa et al. Plant Mol. Biol. 2004 54:335-52 - Published
MpDET1 DE-ETIOLATED 1 A subunit of CDD complex - Public
MpDOF1 MpDOF1 transcription factor, Dof Mapoly0040s0134.1 Public
MpDOXC DOXC clade in 2-oxoglutarate dependent dioxygenase DOXC clade in 2-oxoglutarate dependent dioxygenase - Public
MpDP1 MpDP1 transcription factor, E2F/DP/DEL Mapoly0050s0010.1 Public
MpDP2 MpDP2 transcription factor, E2F/DP/DEL Mapoly0120s0051.1 Public
MpDP3 MpDP3 transcription factor, E2F/DP/DEL Mapoly0125s0019.1 Public
MpDRP3 Dynamin-Related Protein3 mitochondrial fission factor DRP3 - Public
MpDUO1 DUO POLLEN1 R2R3-myb transcription factor, ortholog of Arabidopsis thaliana DUO1 Higo et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 57, 325-338 (2016). PMID: 26858289 - Published
MpE2F MpE2F transcription factor, E2F/DP/DEL Mapoly0113s0037.1 Public
MpEIL MpEIL transcription factor, EIL Mapoly0088s0024.1 Public
MpEIN2 ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE 2 Potential role in ethylene signal transduction. Potential ortholog to AtEIN2 Mapoly0001s0226 Public
MpEIN3 ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE 3 Potential role in ethylene signal transduction. Potential ortholog to AtEIN3 Mapoly0088s0024 Public
MpELF3 EARLY FLOWERING 3 A subunit of evening complex - Public
MpELF4 EARLY FLOWERING 4 A subunit of evening complex - Public
MpELM1 Elongated Mitochondria1 mitochondrial fission factor ELM1 - Public
MpELO1 fatty acid elongase Δ6-fatty acid elongase Kajikawa et al. Plant Mol. Biol. 54, 335-52 (2004). - Published
MpEPFL1 EPIDERMAL PATTERNING FACTOR-like 1 cysteine-rich peptide EPFL1 - Public
MpEPFL2 EPIDERMAL PATTERNING FACTOR-like 2 cysteine-rich peptide EPFL2 - Public
MpER ERECTA LRR receptor like kinase ERECTA Mapoly0070s0019 Public
MpERF1 ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR 1 Transcription factor, potential ortholog of AtERF1 Mapoly0068s0088 Public
MpERF10 MpERF10 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0046s0038.1 Public
MpERF11 MpERF11 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0051s0040.1 Public
MpERF12 MpERF12 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0053s0002.1 Public
MpERF13 MpERF13 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0060s0052.1 Public
MpERF14 MpERF14 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0066s0103.1 Public
MpERF15 MpERF15 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0068s0088.1 Public
MpERF16 MpERF16 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0090s0001.1 Public
MpERF17 MpERF17 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0090s0002.1 Public
MpERF18 MpERF18 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0092s0058.1 Public
MpERF19 MpERF19 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0124s0064.1 Public
MpERF2 MpERF2 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0009s0061.1 Public
MpERF20 MpERF20 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0136s0025.1 Public
MpERF21 MpERF21 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0166s0010.1 Public
MpERF22 MpERF22 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0223s0002.1 Public
MpERF23 MpERF23 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0293s0001.1 Public
MpERF3 MpERF3 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0020s0001.1 Public
MpERF4 MpERF4 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0023s0075.1 Public
MpERF5 MpERF5 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0026s0095.1 Public
MpERF6 MpERF6 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0026s0097.1 Public
MpERF7 MpERF7 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0034s0029.1 Public
MpERF8 MpERF8 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0038s0075.1 Public
MpERF9 MpERF9 transcription factor, AP2/ERF Mapoly0041s0025.1 Public
MpETR1 ETHYLENE RESPONSE 1 Potentially binds ethylene. Potential ortholog to AtETR family Mapoly0036s0126 Public
MpETR2 ETHYLENE RESPONSE 2 Potentially binds ethylene. Potential ortholog to AtETR family Mapoly0001s0284 Public
MpETR3 ETHYLENE RESPONSE 3 Potentially binds ethylene. Potential ortholog to AtETR family Mapoly0028s0036 Public
MpFAE1 FATTY ACID ELONGASE 1 β-ketoacyl-CoA synthase; fatty acid elongase Kajikawa et al., Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 67, 1667-1674 (2003). - Published
MpFAE2 Fatty Acid Elongase 2 β-ketoacyl-CoA synthase; fatty acid elongase Kajikawa et al., Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 67, 605-612 (2003). - Published
MpFAE3 Fatty Acid Elongase 3 β-ketoacyl-CoA synthase; fatty acid elongase Kajikawa et al., Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 67, 1667-1674 (2003). - Published
MpFER FERONIA Receptor-like kinase of the RLK-Pelle CrRLK1L subfamily - Public
MpFHY1 FAR-RED ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL 1 A phytochrome signaling protein - Public
MpFIS1 FISSION1 mitochondrial outer-membrane protein FIS1 - Public
MpFKF FLAVIN-BINDING KELCH REPEAT F-BOX (FKF) Orthologue of FKF1/ZTL/LKP2 in Arabidopsis Kubota et al. Nat Commun. 2014 5:3668. PMID: 24752248 - Published
MpGARP1 MpGARP1, MpKAN transcription factor, GARP Mapoly0022s0032.1 Public
MpGARP2 MpGARP2, MpENO transcription factor, GARP Mapoly0157s0009.1 Public
MpGARP3 MpGARP3, MpPHR1 transcription factor, GARP Mapoly0098s0044.1 Public
MpGARP4 MpGARP4, MpPHR2 transcription factor, GARP Mapoly0115s0048.1 Public
MpGARP5 MpGARP5, MpPHR3 transcription factor, GARP Mapoly0003s0147.1 Public
MpGARP6 MpGARP6, MpHSR transcription factor, GARP Mapoly0119s0041.1 Public
MpGARP7 MpGARP7, MpPCL/LUX transcription factor, GARP Mapoly0101s0068.1 Public
MpGARP8 MpGARP8, MpGLD transcription factor, GARP Mapoly0156s0007.1 Public
MpGATA1 MpGATA1 transcription factor, GATA Mapoly0005s0077.1 Public
MpGATA2 MpGATA2 transcription factor, GATA Mapoly0005s0212.1 Public
MpGATA3 MpGATA3 transcription factor, GATA Mapoly0017s0009.1 Public
MpGATA4 MpGATA4 transcription factor, GATA Mapoly0074s0047.1 Public
MpGATA5 MpGATA5 transcription factor, GATA Mapoly0095s0046.1 Public
MpGATA6 MpGATA6 transcription factor, GATA MapolyY_B0021.1 Public
MpGEBP1 MpGeBP1 transcription factor, GeBP Mapoly0002s0271.1 Public
MpGEBP2 MpGeBP2 transcription factor, GeBP Mapoly0078s0019.1 Public
MpGEBP3 MpGeBP3 transcription factor, GeBP Mapoly0078s0020.1 Public
MpGEBP4 MpGeBP4 transcription factor, GeBP Mapoly0168s0004.1 Public
MpGH3A GH3A Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0053s0073 Public
MpGH3B GH3B Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0042s0030 Public
MpGI GIGANTEA Orthologue of GIGANTEA, circadian gene. Kubota et al. Nat Commun. 2014 5:3668. PMID: 24752248 - Published
MpGID1L1 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 1 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0001s0537 Public
MpGID1L2 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 2 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0003s0183 Public
MpGID1L3 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 3 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0003s0300 Public
MpGID1L4 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 4 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0013s0114 Public
MpGID1L5 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 5 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0013s0116 Public
MpGID1L6 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 6 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0026s0096 Public
MpGID1L6-2 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 6 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0026s0098 Public
MpGID1L7 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 7 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0055s0044 Public
MpGID1L8 GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF 1-LIKE 8 putative class I carboxyesterase Mapoly0133s0031 Public
MpGIF MpGIF transcription factor, GIF Mapoly0047s0121.1 Public
MpGOS11 Golgi SNARE 11 Ortholog of Arabidopsis GOS11 gene Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0001s0245 Published
MpGOS12 Golgi SNARE 12 Ortholog of Arabidopsis GOS12 gene Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0016s0161 Published
MpGRAS1 MpGRAS1 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0001s0385.1 Public
MpGRAS10 MpGRAS10 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly1576s0001.1 Public
MpGRAS11 MpGRAS11 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0083s0007.1 Public
MpGRAS2 MpGRAS2 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0003s0271.1 Public
MpGRAS3 MpGRAS3 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0014s0183.1 Public
MpGRAS4 MpGRAS4 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0031s0041.1 Public
MpGRAS5 MpGRAS5 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0047s0034.1 Public
MpGRAS6 MpGRAS6 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0058s0044.1 Public
MpGRAS7 MpGRAS7 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0064s0023.1 Public
MpGRAS8 MpGRAS8 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0065s0089.1 Public
MpGRAS9 MpGRAS9 transcription factor, GRAS Mapoly0194s0011.1 Public
MpGRF MpGRF transcription factor, GRF Mapoly1350s0001.1 Public
MpGTG MpGTG G protein–coupled receptor-type G proteins that function as abscisic acid receptor Mapoly0094s0006.1 Public
MpHA1 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 1 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Okumura et al., Plant Physiol. 159, 826-834 (2012) Mapoly0019s0140.1 Published
MpHA2 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 2 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Okumura et al., Plant Physiol. 159, 826-834 (2012) Mapoly0089s0056.1 Published
MpHA3 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 3 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Okumura et al., Plant Physiol. 159, 826-834 (2012) Mapoly0080s0002.1 Published
MpHA4 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 4 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Okumura et al., Plant Physiol. 159, 826-834 (2012) Mapoly0050s0045.1 Published
MpHA5 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 5 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Okumura et al., Plant Physiol. 159, 826-834 (2012) Mapoly0050s0042.1 Published
MpHA6 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 6 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Okumura et al., Plant Physiol. 159, 826-834 (2012) Mapoly0011s0217.1 Published
MpHA7 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 7 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Okumura et al., Plant Physiol. 159, 826-834 (2012) Mapoly0100s0016.1 Published
MpHA8 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 8 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Okumura et al., Plant Physiol. 159, 826-834 (2012) Mapoly0125s0027.1 Published
MpHA9 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 9 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0158s0038.1 Public
MpHA10 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 10 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0006s0247.1 Public
MpHA11 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 11 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0006s0246.1 Public
MpHA12 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 12 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0006s0248.1 Public
MpHA13 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 13 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0006s0245.1 Public
MpHA14 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 14 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0050s0043.1 Public
MpHA15 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 15 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0050s0047.1 Public
MpHA16 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 16 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0004s0165.1 Public
MpHA17 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 17 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0049s0123.1 Public
MpHA18 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 18 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0050s0044.1 Public
MpHA19 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 19 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase Mapoly0031s0155.1 Public
MpHAE HAESA Leucine-rich receptor-like protein kinase family protein Mapoly0075s0046 Public
MpHD1 MpHD1, MpDDT1 transcription factor, HD Mapoly0005s0159.1 Public
MpHD10 MpHD10, MpLD transcription factor, HD Mapoly0032s0010.1 Public
MpHD11 MpHD11, MpNDX transcription factor, HD Mapoly0033s0004.1 Public
MpHD12 MpHD12, MpC3HDZ transcription factor, HD Mapoly0061s0107.1 Public
MpHD13 MpHD13, MpPLINC transcription factor, HD Mapoly0063s0098.1 Public
MpHD14 MpHD14, MpC2HDZ transcription factor, HD Mapoly0069s0069.1 Public
MpHD15 MpHD15, MpPHD transcription factor, HD Mapoly0080s0093.1 Public
MpHD16 MpHD16 transcription factor, HD Mapoly0093s0028.1 Public
MpHD17 MpHD17, MpBELLa transcription factor, HD Mapoly0132s0008.1 Public
MpHD18 MpHD18, MpC4HDZ transcription factor, HD Mapoly0156s0012.1 Public
MpHD19 MpHD19, MpKNOX1a transcription factor, HD Mapoly0174s0007.1 Public
MpHD2 MpHD2, MpSAWADEE transcription factor, HD Mapoly0006s0154.1 Public
MpHD20 MpHD20, MpKNOX1 transcription factor, HD Mapoly0175s0020.1 Public
MpHD21 MpHD21, MpKNOX2 transcription factor, HD Mapoly0194s0001.1 Public
MpHD22 MpHD22, MpBELLb transcription factor, HD Mapoly0213s0014.1 Public
MpHD3 MpHD3, C1HDZ transcription factor, HD Mapoly0007s0221.1 Public
MpHD4 MpHD4 transcription factor, HD Mapoly0012s0090.1 Public
MpHD5 MpHD5 transcription factor, HD Mapoly0013s0027.1 Public
MpHD6 MpHD6, MpWOX transcription factor, HD Mapoly0014s0060.1 Public
MpHD7 MpHD7, MpKNOX1b transcription factor, HD Mapoly0023s0081.1 Public
MpHD8 MpHD8, MpDDT2 transcription factor, HD Mapoly0029s0015.1 Public
MpHD9 MpHD9, MpPINTOX transcription factor, HD Mapoly0029s0145.1 Public
MpHMGBOX1 MpHMGbox1 transcription factor, HMG-box Mapoly0013s0048.1 Public
MpHMGBOX2 MpHMGbox2 transcription factor, HMG-box Mapoly0026s0138.1 Public
MpHMGBOX3 MpHMGbox3 transcription factor, HMG-box Mapoly0030s0009.1 Public
MpHMGBOX4 MpHMGbox4 transcription factor, HMG-box Mapoly0031s0059.1 Public
MpHMGBOX5 MpHMGbox5 transcription factor, HMG-box Mapoly0051s0025.1 Public
MpHSF1 MpHSF1 transcription factor, HSF Mapoly0011s0205.1 Public
MpHSF2 MpHSF2 transcription factor, HSF Mapoly0018s0001.1 Public
MpHSF3 MpHSF3 transcription factor, HSF MapolyY_B0005.1 Public
MpHY5 LONG HYPOCOTYL 5 A bZIP transcription factor - Public
MpIAA AUXIN/INDOLE-3-ACETIC ACID co-repressor, sharing similarity to Arabidopsis AUX/IAAs. Kato et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005084 (2015) PMID: 26020919; Flores-Sandval et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005207 (2015). PMID: 26020649 - Published
MpIDA1 INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION1 Putative membrane lipoprotein Mapoly0251s0002.1 Public
MpIDA2 INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION2 Putative membrane lipoprotein Mapoly0003s0117.1 Public
MpIDA3 INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION3 Putative membrane lipoprotein Mapoly0085s0063.1 Public
MpIDA4 INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION 4 secretory peptide IDA4 Mapoly0003s0111.1 Public
MpIDDL1 MpIDDL1 transcription factor, IDD-related Mapoly0013s0172.1 Public
MpIDDL2 MpIDDL2 transcription factor, IDD-related Mapoly0033s0095.1 Public
MpIDDL3 MpIDDL3 transcription factor, IDD-related Mapoly0058s0031.1 Public
MpIDDL4 MpIDDL4 transcription factor, IDD-related Mapoly0076s0039.1 Public
MpIDDL5 MpIDDL5 transcription factor, IDD-related Mapoly0083s0069.1 Public
MpIDDL6 MpIDDL6 transcription factor, IDD-related Mapoly0096s0050.1 Public
MpIRE incomplete root hair elongation AGC kinase IRE - Public
MpJAZ Jasmonate-ZIM domain protein Repressor of Jasmonate signalling Mapoly0097s0021 Public
MpKAC KINESIN-LIKE PROTEIN FOR ACTIN-BASED CHLOROPLAST MOVEMENT Kinesin-like protein for chloroplast movement - Public
MpKAOL1 ENT-KAURENOIC ACID OXYDASE-LIKE 1 putative ent-kaurenoic acid oxidase, CYP88 family member Mapoly0020s0131 Public
MpKAOL2 ENT-KAURENOIC ACID OXIDASE-LIKE 2 putative ent-kaurenoic acid oxidase, CYP88 family member Mapoly0002s0331 Public
MpKAOL3 ENT-KAURENOIC ACID OXIDASE-LIKE 3 putative ent-kaurenoic acid oxidase, CYP88 family member Mapoly0023s0011 Public
MpKNOX1 CLASS I KNOTTED1-LIKE HOMEOBOX GENE Homeodomain protein Mapoly0175s0020 Public
MpKNOX1a CLASS I KNOTTED1-LIKE HOMEOBOX GENE Homeodomain protein (lacks homeodomain) Mapoly0174s0007 Public
MpKNOX1b CLASS I KNOTTED1-LIKE HOMEOBOX GENE Homeodomain protein (lacks homeodomain) Mapoly0023s0081 Public
MpKNOX2 CLASS II KNOTTED1-LIKE HOMEOBOX GENE Homeodomain protein Mapoly0194s0001 Public
MpKOL1 ENT-KAURENE OXIDASE-LIKE 1 putative ent-kaurene oxidase, CYP701 family member Mapoly0140s0010 Public
MpKOL2 ENT-KAURENE OXIDASE-LIKE 2 putative ent-kaurene oxidase, CYP701 family member Mapoly0130s0003 Public
MpKOL3 ENT-KAURENE OXIDASE-LIKE2 putative ent-kaurene oxidase, CYP701 family member Mapoly0130s0002 Public
MpLD LUMINIDEPENDENS Homeodomain protein Mapoly0032s0010 Public
MpLFY LEAFY transcription factor, ortholog of Arabidopsis thaliana LFY - Public
MpLIM1 MpLIM1 transcription factor, LIM-domain Mapoly0005s0280.1 Public
MpLIM2 MpLIM2 transcription factor, LIM-domain Mapoly0030s0035.1 Public
MpLIM3 MpLIM3 transcription factor, LIM-domain Mapoly0080s0053.1 Public
MpLOVA LOV PROTEIN ON AUTOSOMAL CHROMOSOME putative blue-light receptor - Public
MpLOVX LOV PROTEIN ON CHROMOSOME X putative blue-light receptor Yamato et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104, 6472-6477 (2007). - Published
MpLOVY LOV PROTEIN ON CHROMOSOME Y putative blue-light receptor Yamato et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104, 6472-6477 (2007). - Published
MpLOX1 Lipoxygenase 1 Lipoxygenase Kanamoto et al., Phytochemistry. 77, 70-78 (2012). Mapoly0028s0085.1 Published
MpLOX10 Lipoxygenase 10 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0063s0014.1 Public
MpLOX11 Lipoxygenase 11 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0063s0050.1 Public
MpLOX12 Lipoxygenase 12 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0064s0034.1 Public
MpLOX13 Lipoxygenase 13 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0079s0056.1 Public
MpLOX14 Lipoxygenase 14 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0083s0028.1 Public
MpLOX15 Lipoxygenase 15 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0191s0015.1 Public
MpLOX16 Lipoxygenase 16 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0420s0001.1 Public
MpLOX2 Lipoxygenase 2 Lipoxygenase Kanamoto et al., Phytochemistry. 77, 70-78 (2012). Mapoly0191s0014.1 Published
MpLOX3 Lipoxygenase 3 Lipoxygenase Kanamoto et al., Phytochemistry. 77, 70-78 (2012). Mapoly0006s0130.1 Published
MpLOX4 Lipoxygenase 4 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0106s0031.1 Public
MpLOX5 Lipoxygenase 5 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0001s0529.1 Public
MpLOX6 Lipoxygenase 6 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0023s0182.1 Public
MpLOX7 Lipoxygenase 7 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0026s0145.1 Public
MpLOX8 Lipoxygenase 8 (Pseudogene) Lipoxygenase Mapoly0026s0148.1 Public
MpLOX9 Lipoxygenase 9 Lipoxygenase Mapoly0055s0019.1 Public
MpMADS1 MIKC-type MADS-box gene1 MIKC-type MADS-box protein1 in prep. Mapoly0174s0011.1 Public
MpMADS2 MIKC-type MADS-box gene2 MIKC-type MADS-box protein2 in prep. Mapoly0011s0161.1 Public
MpMCA1 MECHANOSENSITIVE CHANNEL IN ARABIDOPSIS-LIKE calcium-permeable mechanosensitive channel Under preparation - Public
MpMEMB1 Membrin 1 Ortholog of Arabidopsis MEMB1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0001s0234 Published
MpMID/RWP2 MINUS-DOMINANCE or RWP-RK2 RWP-RK domain containing protein of the MID clade Koi et al. Cur. Biol. 26, 1775-1781 (2016); Rövekamp et al., Curr. Biol. 26, 1782-1789 (2016) Mapoly0014s044 Published
MpMOR1 MICROTUBULE ORGANIZATION 1 Member of the MAP215 family of microtubule-associated proteins - Public
MpMS1 MALE STERILE1 PHD-finger transcription factor, ortholog of Arabidopsis thaliana MS1 Higo et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 57, 325-338 (2016). PMID: 26858289 - Published
MpMTPSL terpene synthase Microbial terpene synthase-like - Public
MpMYCX1 MYCX MYC transcription factor Mapoly0018s0018 Public
MpMYCX2 MYCX MYC transcription factor Mapoly0018s0019 Public
MpMYCY MYCY MYC transcription factor MapolyY_B0018 Public
MpMYOVIII MYOSIN VIII myosin class VIII - Public
MpMYOXI MYOSIN XI myosin class XI - Public
MpNAC1 MpNAC1 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0015s0058.1 Public
MpNAC2 MpNAC2 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0035s0046.1 Public
MpNAC3 MpNAC3 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0011s0176.1 Public
MpNAC4 MpNAC4 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0020s0051.1 Public
MpNAC5 MpNAC5 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0091s0063.1 Public
MpNAC6 MpNAC6 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0175s0015.1 Public
MpNAC7 MpNAC7 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0035s0049.1 Public
MpNAC8 MpNAC8 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0035s0054.1 Public
MpNAC9 MpNAC9 transcription factor, NAC Mapoly0086s0046.1 Public
MpNCED MpNCED 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxigenase Mapoly0015s0066.1 Public
MpNCH1 NRL PROTEIN FOR CHLOROPLAST MOVEMENT 1 NPH3/RPT2-like (NRL) protein for chloroplast accumulation response In preparation - Public
MpNDR1 nuclear Dbf2-related kinase 1 AGC kinase NDR1 - Public
MpNDR2 nuclear Dbf2-related kinase 2 AGC kinase NDR2 - Public
MpNDX NODULIN HOMEOBOX Homeodomain protein Mapoly0033s0004 Public
MpNFX1-1 MpNFX1-1 transcription factor, NF-X1 Mapoly0036s0109.1 Public
MpNFX1-2 MpNFX1-2 transcription factor, NF-X1 Mapoly0154s0047.1 Public
MpNIN/NLP NIN-like protein RWP-RK domain containing protein of the NIN-like protein clade Koi et al. Cur. Biol. 26, 1775-1781 (2016); Rövekamp et al., Curr. Biol. 26, 1782-1789 (2016) Mapoly0083s0040 Published
MpNINJA Novel Interactor of JAZ NINJA Mapoly0005s0166 Public
MpNOP1 NOPPERABO1 Plant U-box E3 Ubiquitin Ligase NOP1 Isizaki and Mizutani et a., Plant Cell 25,4075-4084 (2013). PMID: 24170128 - Published
MpNPC NRL PROTEIN of CRYPTOGAM NPH3/RPT2-like (NRL) protein - Public
MpNPE NRL PROTEIN OF EMBRYOPHYTE NPH3/RPT2-like (NRL) protein In preparation - Public
MpNPSN1 Novel plant SNARE 1 Ortholog of Arabidopsis NPSN1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0031s0037 Published
MpNPY NAKED PINS IN YUC MUTANTS 1-LIKE NPH3/RPT2-like (NRL) protein Under preparation - Public
MpPDK1 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase AGC kinase PDK1 - Public
MpPHD PHD Homeodomain protein Mapoly0080s0093 Public
MpPHOT PHOTOTROPIN blue-light receptor PHOTOTROPIN Komatsu et al., Plant Physiol. 166, 411-427 (2014). PMID: 25096976 - Published
MpPHY PHYTOCHROME Red light/Far-red light receptor PHYTOCHROME Nishihama et al., J. Plant Res. 128, 407-421 (2014). DOI 10.1007/s10265-015-0724-9 - Published
MpPIF PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR phytochrome interacting bHLH transcription factor, PIF Inoue et al., Plant Cell 28, 1406-1421 (2016) - Published
MpPIN1 PIN-FORMED 1 Encodes auxin efflux carrier Mapoly0089s0050 Public
MpPIN2 PIN-FORMED 2 Encodes auxin efflux carrier Mapoly0027s0112 Public
MpPIN3 PIN-FORMED 3 Encodes auxin efflux carrier Mapoly0053s0108 Public
MpPIN4 PIN-FORMED 4 Encodes auxin efflux carrier Mapoly0027s0111 Public
MpPIN5 PIN-FORMED 5 Encodes auxin efflux carrier Mapoly0027s0108 Public
MpPINTOX PINTOX Homeodomain protein Mapoly0029s0145 Public
MpPKARA cAMP-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE REGULATORY SUBUNIT a PKA regulatory subunit a In preparation - Public
MpPKARB cAMP-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE REGULATORY SUBUNIT b PKA regulatory subunit b In preparation - Public
MpPLINC PLINC Zinc finger class homeodomain Mapoly0063s0098 Public
MpPML PLASTID MOVEMENT IMPAIRED-LIKE C2 domain protein for chloroplast photorelocation movement In preparation - Public
MpPPP1 MpPPP1 transcription factor, PPP1 Mapoly0148s0001.1 Public
MpPPR_1 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_1 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0001s0055.1 Public
MpPPR_2 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_2 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0001s0141.1 Public
MpPPR_3 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_3 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0001s0500.1 Public
MpPPR_4 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_4 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0001s0556.1 Public
MpPPR_5 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_5 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0002s0014.1 Public
MpPPR_6 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_6 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0002s0203.1 Public
MpPPR_7 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_7 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0002s0313.1 Public
MpPPR_8 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_8 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0003s0298.1 Public
MpPPR_9 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_9 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0009s0070.1 Public
MpPPR_10 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_10 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0009s0209.1 Public
MpPPR_11 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_11 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0011s0128.1 Public
MpPPR_12 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_12 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0012s0141.1 Public
MpPPR_13 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_13 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0014s0054.1 Public
MpPPR_14 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_14 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0015s0193.1 Public
MpPPR_15 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_15 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0019s0056.1 Public
MpPPR_16 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_16 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0019s0086.1 Public
MpPPR_17 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_17 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0020s0110.1 Public
MpPPR_18 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_18 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0022s0009.1 Public
MpPPR_19 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_19 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0023s0082.1 Public
MpPPR_20 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_20 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0026s0011.1 Public
MpPPR_21 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_21 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0026s0069.1 Public
MpPPR_22 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_22 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0029s0090.1 Public
MpPPR_23 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_23 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0031s0063.1 Public
MpPPR_24 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_24 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0031s0117.1 Public
MpPPR_25 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_25 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0033s0149.1 Public
MpPPR_26 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_26 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0036s0017.1 Public
MpPPR_27 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_27 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0038s0061.1 Public
MpPPR_28 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_28 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0039s0078.1 Public
MpPPR_29 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_29 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0039s0079.1 Public
MpPPR_30 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_30 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0041s0109.1 Public
MpPPR_31 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_31 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0043s0079.1 Public
MpPPR_32 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_32 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0043s0117.1 Public
MpPPR_33 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_33 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0044s0135.1 Public
MpPPR_34 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_34 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0047s0077.1 Public
MpPPR_35 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_35 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0047s0104.1 Public
MpPPR_36 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_36 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0048s0090.1 Public
MpPPR_37 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_37 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0053s0063.1 Public
MpPPR_38 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_38 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0059s0080.1 Public
MpPPR_39 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_39 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0061s0076.1 Public
MpPPR_40 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_40 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0062s0069.1 Public
MpPPR_41 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_41 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0063s0054.1 Public
MpPPR_42 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_42 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0066s0020.1 Public
MpPPR_43 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_43 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0068s0065.1 Public
MpPPR_44 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_44 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0068s0098.1 Public
MpPPR_45 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_45 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0071s0071.1 Public
MpPPR_46 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_46 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0071s0072.1 Public
MpPPR_47 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_47 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0072s0009.1 Public
MpPPR_48 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_48 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0078s0043.1 Public
MpPPR_49 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_49 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0079s0007.1 Public
MpPPR_50 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_50 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0090s0080.1 Public
MpPPR_51 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_51 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0096s0019.1 Public
MpPPR_52 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_52 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0114s0040.1 Public
MpPPR_53 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_53 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0116s0031.1 Public
MpPPR_54 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_54 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0117s0021.1 Public
MpPPR_55 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_55 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0122s0044.1 Public
MpPPR_56 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_56 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0127s0011.1 Public
MpPPR_57 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_57 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0145s0003.1 Public
MpPPR_58 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_58 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0147s0011.1 Public
MpPPR_59 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_59 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0166s0014.1 Public
MpPPR_60 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_60 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0064s0021.1 Public
MpPPR_61 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_61 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0043s0002.1 Public
MpPPR_62 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_62 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0036s0055.1 Public
MpPPR_63 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_63 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0061s0009.1 Public
MpPPR_64 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_64 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0031s0123.1 Public
MpPPR_65 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_65 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0003s0152.1 Public
MpPPR_66 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_66 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0035s0104.1 Public
MpPPR_67 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_67 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0036s0086.1 Public
MpPPR_68 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_68 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0036s0094.1 Public
MpPPR_69 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_69 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0039s0098.1 Public
MpPPR_70 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_70 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0050s0075.1 Public
MpPPR_71 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_71 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0089s0054.1 Public
MpPPR_72 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_72 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0114s0020.1 Public
MpPPR_73 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_73 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0154s0039.1 Public
MpPPR_74 Pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR_74 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins Mapoly0114s0038.1 Public
MpPRM PROTAMINE-LIKE protamine-like protein Higo et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 57, 325-338 (2016). PMID: 26858289 - Published
MpPYL1 MpPYL1 PYR1-like abscisic acid receptor Mapoly0030s0080.1 Public
MpPYL2 MpPYL2 PYR1-like abscisic acid receptor Mapoly0313s0001.1 Public
MpPYL3 MpPYL3 PYR1-like abscisic acid receptor Mapoly0508s0001.1 Public
MpPYL4 MpPYL4 PYR1-like abscisic acid receptor Mapoly0030s0140.1 Public
MpPYL5 MpPYL5 PYR1-like abscisic acid receptor Mapoly0145s0004.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB1 MpR2R3-MYB1 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0001s0061.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB10 MpR2R3-MYB10 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0034s0034.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB11 MpR2R3-MYB11 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0040s0004.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB12 MpR2R3-MYB12 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0056s0127.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB13 MpR2R3-MYB13 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0072s0075.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB14 MpR2R3-MYB14 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0073s0038.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB15 MpR2R3-MYB15 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0085s0092.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB16 MpR2R3-MYB16 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0092s0005.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB17 MpR2R3-MYB17 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0096s0058.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB18 MpR2R3-MYB18 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0123s0012.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB19 MpR2R3-MYB19 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0318s0001.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB2 MpR2R3-MYB2 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0006s0226.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB20 MpR2R3-MYB20 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0874s0001.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB21 MpR2R3-MYB21 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly1089s0002.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB3 MpR2R3-MYB3 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0007s0265.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB4 MpR2R3-MYB4 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0007s0271.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB5 MpR2R3-MYB5 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0008s0029.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB6 MpR2R3-MYB6 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0019s0071.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB7 MpR2R3-MYB7 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0023s0101.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB8 MpR2R3-MYB8 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0024s0094.1 Public
MpR2R3-MYB9 MpR2R3-MYB9 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0032s0153.1 Public
MpRAB11AY Rat brain 11a RAB GTPase MapolyY_A0041.1 Public
MpRAB11AX Rat brain 11a RAB GTPase Mapoly0018s0008.1 Public
MpRAB11B Rat brain 11b RAB GTPase Mapoly0050s0009.1 Public
MpRAB11C Rat brain 11c RAB GTPase Mapoly0007s0069.1 Public
MpRAB18 Rat brain 18 RAB GTPase Mapoly0167s0019.1 Public
MpRAB1A Rat brain 1A RAB GTPase Mapoly0072s0030.1 Public
MpRAB1B Rat brain 1B RAB GTPase Mapoly0007s0067.1 Public
MpRAB21 Rat brain 21 RAB GTPase Mapoly0001s0443.1 Public
MpRAB23 Rat brain 23 RAB GTPase Mapoly0020s0116.1 Public
MpRAB2A Rat brain 2a RAB GTPase Mapoly0170s0032.1 Public
MpRAB2B Rat brain 2B RAB GTPase Mapoly0100s0038.1 Public
MpRAB5 Rat brain 5 RAB GTPase Mapoly0036s0134.1 Public
MpRAB6 Rat brain 6 RAB GTPase Mapoly0141s0004.1 Public
MpRAB7 Rat brain 7 RAB GTPase Mapoly0946s0001.1 Public
MpRAB8A Rat brain 8A RAB GTPase Mapoly0116s0012.1 Public
MpRAB8B Rat brain 8B RAB GTPase Mapoly0057s0033.1 Public
MpRAB8C Rat brain 8c RAB GTPase Mapoly0015s0029.1 Public
MpRALF1 RAPID ALKALINIZATION FACTOR 1 cysteine-rich peptide RALF1 Mapoly0076s0067.1 Public
MpRALF2 RAPID ALKALINIZATION FACTOR2 cysteine-rich peptide RALF2 Mapoly0040s0047.1 Public
MpRALF3 RAPID ALKALINIZATION FACTOR3 cysteine-rich peptide RALF3 Mapoly0002s0166.1 Public
MpRBCS Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase small subunit Ortholog of Arabidopsis RBCS genes Kanazawa et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 54, 1736-1748 (2013). PMID: 23975891 Mapoly0132s0032 Published
MpRKD RKD RWP-RK domain (RKD)-containing transcription factor Koi et al. Cur. Biol. 26, 1775-1781 (2016); Rövekamp et al., Curr. Biol. 26, 1782-1789 (2016) Mapoly0022s0128 Published
MpRLK26 receptor-like kinase26 Universal stress protein family receptor-like kinase Sasaki et al., Gene 401 (1-2), 135-144 (2007).PMID: 17698300 - Published
MpRR-MYB1 MpRR-MYB1 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0001s0480.1 Public
MpRR-MYB2 MpRR-MYB2 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0026s0070.1 Public
MpRR-MYB3 MpRR-MYB3 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0042s0072.1 Public
MpRR-MYB4 MpRR-MYB4 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0114s0007.1 Public
MpRR-MYB5 MpRR-MYB5 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0143s0011.1 Public
MpRR-MYB6 MpRR-MYB6 transcription factor, MYB Mapoly0158s0003.1 Public
MpRRA Type-A response regulator cytokinin response regulator, type-A Flores-Sandoval et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 57, 281-290 (2016) Mapoly0022s0150.1 Published
MpRRB Type-B response regulator cytokinin response regulator, type-B; transcription factor, GARP Flores-Sandoval et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 57, 281-290 (2016) Mapoly0101s0006.1 Published
MpRSL1 ROOTHAIR DEFECTIVE SIX-LIKE1 ROOTHAIR DEFECTIVE SIX-LIKE1 Proust et al., Cur. Biol. in press. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2015.11.042 - Published
MpRSL2 ROOTHAIR DEFECTIVE SIX-LIKE2 ROOTHAIR DEFECTIVE SIX-LIKE2 Proust et al., Cur. Biol. in press. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2015.11.042 - Published
MpRUP repressor of UV-B photomorphogenesis UV-B signaling protein - Public
MpRWP1 RWP-RK or RWP-RK1 RWP-RK domain containing protein Koi et al. Cur. Biol. 26, 1775-1781 (2016); Rövekamp et al., Curr. Biol. 26, 1782-1789 (2016) Mapoly0049s0118 Published
MpS6K p70 RIBOSOMAL S6K KINASE AGC kinase S6K - Public
MpSABATH SABATH methyltransferase methyltransferase - Public
MpSAR1 Secretion-associated RAS-related protein 1 SAR/ARF GTPase Mapoly0082s0086.1 Public
MpSAUR1 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 1 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0035s0025 Public
MpSAUR2 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 2 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0016s0123 Public
MpSAUR3 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 3 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0060s0079 Public
MpSAUR4 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 4 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0047s0021 Public
MpSAUR5 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 5 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0034s0008 Public
MpSAUR6 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 6 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0148s0036 Public
MpSAUR7 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 7 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0034s0006 Public
MpSAUR8 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 8 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0002s0080 Public
MpSAUR9 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 9 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0002s0081 Public
MpSAUR10 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 10 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0002s0082 Public
MpSAUR11 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 11 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0002s0083 Public
MpSAUR12 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 12 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0002s0084 Public
MpSAUR13 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 13 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0002s0085 Public
MpSAUR14 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED 14 Auxin responsive protein Mapoly0002s0086 Public
MpSAWADEE SAWADEE Homeodomain protein Mapoly0006s0154 Public
MpSEC1A SECretory 1A SM (Sec1/Munc-18) family protein - Public
MpSEC1B SECretory 1B SM (Sec1/Munc-18) family protein - Public
MpSEC20 Secretion 20 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SEC20 gene Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0019s0137 Published
MpSEC22 Secretion 22 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SEC22 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0023s0071 Published
MpSFT1 Suppressor of sed5 ts Ortholog of Arabidopsis SFT1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0006s0109 Published
MpSIG1 Plastid-encoded plastid RNA polymerase sigma factor 1 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SIG1 gene Ueda et al., Genome Biol. Evol. 5, 1836-1848 (2013). PMID: 24025801; Kanazawa et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 54, 1736-1748 (2013). PMID: 23975891 Mapoly0009s0187 Published
MpSIG2 Plastid-encoded plastid RNA polymerase sigma factor 2 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SIG2 gene Ueda et al., Genome Biol. Evol. 5, 1836-1848 (2013). PMID: 24025801; Kanazawa et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 54, 1736-1748 (2013). PMID: 23975891 Mapoly0214s0004 Published
MpSIG5 Plastid-encoded plastid RNA polymerase sigma factor 5 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SIG5 gene Ueda et al., Genome Biol. Evol. 5, 1836-1848 (2013). PMID: 24025801; Kanazawa et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 54, 1736-1748 (2013). PMID: 23975891 Mapoly0007s0213 Published
MpSIGX Plastid-encoded plastid RNA polymerase sigma factor X Similar gene of Arabidopsis plastid RNA polymerase sigma factor genes Kanazawa et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 54, 1736-1748 (2013). PMID: 23975891 Mapoly0007s0071 Published
MpSLY1 Suppressor of Loss of Ypt1 SM (Sec1/Munc-18) family protein - Public
MpSNAP Soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor adaptor protein Ortholog of Arabidopsis SNAP genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0199s0021 Published
MpSNRK2A MpSnRK2A SNF1-related protein kinase2 Mapoly0061s0075.1 Public
MpSNRK2B MpSnRK2B SNF1-related protein kinase2 Mapoly0011s0096.1 Public
MpSPA1 suppressor of phyA-105 1 A signaling protein of multiple light signaling - Public
MpSPL3 MpSPL3 transcription factor, SPL - Public
MpSPL4 MpSPL4 transcription factor, SPL - Public
MpSUT2 SUCROSE TRANSPORTER 2 sucrose transporter - Public
MpSUT4 SUCROSE TRANSPORTER 4 sucrose transporter - Public
MpSYP12A Syntaxin of plant 12A Common ortholog of both Arabidopsis SYP11 and SYP12 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0163s0015 Published
MpSYP12B Syntaxin of plant 12B Common ortholog of both Arabidopsis SYP11 and SYP12 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0101s0013 Published
MpSYP13A Syntaxin of plant 13A Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP13 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0009s0005 Published
MpSYP13B Syntaxin of plant 13B Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP13 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0055s0091 Published
MpSYP2 Syntaxin of plant 2 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP2 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0187s0013 Published
MpSYP3 Syntaxin of plant 3 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP3 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0036s0047 Published
MpSYP4 Syntaxin of plant 4 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP4 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0042s0041 Published
MpSYP5 Syntaxin of plant 5 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP5 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0004s0228 Published
MpSYP6A Syntaxin of plant 6A Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP61 gene Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0140s0004 Published
MpSYP6B Syntaxin of plant 6B Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP61 gene Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0079s0013 Published
MpSYP7A Syntaxin of plant 7A Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP7 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0014s0021 Published
MpSYP7B.1 Syntaxin of plant 7B Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP7 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0001s0062.1 Published
MpSYP7B.2 Syntaxin of plant 7B Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP7 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0001s0062.2 Published
MpSYP8 Syntaxin of plant 8 Ortholog of Arabidopsis SYP81 gene Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0024s0083 Published
MpTCP1 Class I (TCP-P) TCP gene1 bHLH transcription factor in prep. Mapoly0068s0102.1 Public
MpTCP2 Class II (TCP-C) TCP gene2 bHLH transcription factor in prep. Mapoly0001s0298.1 Public
MpTDR TDIF RECEPTOR leucine rich repeat receptor kinase Mapoly0096s0005 Public
MpTIR1 TANSPORT INHIBITOR RESPONSE1 Auxin receptor in a TIR1/AFB family Kato et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005084 (2015) PMID: 26020919; Flores-Sandval et al., PLOS Genet. 11, e1005207 (2015). PMID: 26020649 - Published
MpTOMOSYN11 Tomo of syntaxin 11 Ortholog of Arabidopsis TOMOSYN1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0063s0003 Published
MpTOMOSYN12 Tomo of syntaxin 12 Ortholog of Arabidopsis TOMOSYN1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0207s0009 Published
MpTPL TOPLESS Protein binding Mapoly0051s0078 Public
MpTPS terpene synthase typical plant terpene synthase - Public
MpTRIHELIX1 MpTrihelix1 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0001s0020.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX10 MpTrihelix10 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0013s0135.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX11 MpTrihelix11 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0015s0121.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX12 MpTrihelix12 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0025s0112.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX13 MpTrihelix13 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0032s0097.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX14 MpTrihelix14 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0037s0099.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX15 MpTrihelix15 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0037s0113.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX16 MpTrihelix16 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0037s0146.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX17 MpTrihelix17 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0041s0104.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX18 MpTrihelix18 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0043s0010.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX19 MpTrihelix19 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0051s0029.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX2 MpTrihelix2 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0001s0312.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX20 MpTrihelix20 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0056s0059.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX21 MpTrihelix21 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0057s0042.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX22 MpTrihelix22 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0065s0047.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX23 MpTrihelix23 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0086s0081.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX24 MpTrihelix24 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0107s0039.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX25 MpTrihelix25 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0113s0052.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX26 MpTrihelix26 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0113s0058.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX27 MpTrihelix27 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0119s0048.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX28 MpTrihelix28 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0122s0030.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX29 MpTrihelix29 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0130s0023.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX3 MpTrihelix3 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0002s0032.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX30 MpTrihelix30 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0130s0035.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX31 MpTrihelix31 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0132s0016.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX32 MpTrihelix32 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0142s0034.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX33 MpTrihelix33 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0155s0008.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX34 MpTrihelix34 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0159s0017.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX35 MpTrihelix35 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0159s0028.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX36 MpTrihelix36 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0178s0023.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX37 MpTrihelix37 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0184s0008.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX38 MpTrihelix38 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0229s0008.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX4 MpTrihelix4 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0002s0172.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX5 MpTrihelix5 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0002s0204.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX6 MpTrihelix6 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0003s0164.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX7 MpTrihelix7 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0003s0288.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX8 Trihelix8 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0011s0011.1 Public
MpTRIHELIX9 MpTrihelix9 transcription factor, Trihelix Mapoly0011s0057.1 Public
MpTUA1 TUA1 (α-tubulin1) α-tubulin - Public
MpTUA2 TUA2 (α-tubulin2) α-tubulin - Public
MpTUA3 TUA3 (α-tubulin3) α-tubulin - Public
MpTUA4 TUA4 (α-tubulin4) α-tubulin - Public
MpTUA5 TUA5 (α-tubulin5) α-tubulin - Public
MpTUA6 TUA6 (α-tubulin6) α-tubulin - Public
MpTUA7 TUA7 (α-tubulin7) α-tubulin - Public
MpTUB1 TUB1 (ß-tubulin1) ß-tubulin Buschmann et al., New Phytologist 209, 999-1013 (2016). - Published
MpTUB2 TUB2 (ß-tubulin2) ß-tubulin Buschmann et al., New Phytologist 209, 999-1013 (2016). - Published
MpTUB3 TUB3 (ß-tubulin3) ß-tubulin Buschmann et al., New Phytologist 209, 999-1013 (2016). - Published
MpTUB4 TUB4 (ß-tubulin4) ß-tubulin Buschmann et al., New Phytologist 209, 999-1013 (2016). - Published
MpTUB5 TUB5 (ß-tubulin5) ß-tubulin - Public
MpTUD TUD (δ-tubulin) δ-tubulin - Public
MpTUE TUE (ε-tubulin) ε-tubulin - Public
MpTUG TUG (γ-tubulin) γ-tubulin - Public
MpTZF MpTZF transcription factor, TZF Mapoly0104s0012.1 Public
MpUGT UDP-dependent glycosyltransferase UDP-dependent glycosyltransferase - Public
MpUSE1A Unconventional SNARE in the ER 1A Ortholog of Arabidopsis USE1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0001s0213 Published
MpUSE1B Unconventional SNARE in the ER 1B Ortholog of Arabidopsis USE1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0058s0071 Published
MpVAMP71 Vesicle-associated membrane protein 71 Ortholog of Arabidopsis VAMP7 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0064s0109 Published
MpVAMP72A.1 Vesicle-associated membrane protein 72A Ortholog of Arabidopsis VAMP72 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0076s0053.2; Mapoly0076s0053.3 Published
MpVAMP72A.2 Vesicle-associated membrane protein 72A Ortholog of Arabidopsis VAMP72 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0076s0053.1 Published
MpVAMP72B Vesicle-associated membrane protein 72B Ortholog of Arabidopsis VAMP72 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0008s0223 Published
MpVAMP72C Vesicle-associated membrane protein 72C Ortholog of Arabidopsis VAMP72 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0008s0229 Published
MpVAMP72D Vesicle-associated membrane protein 72D Ortholog of Arabidopsis VAMP72 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 JGI_3.1:scaffold_8:2414714..2416935 Published
MpVAMP72E Vesicle-associated membrane protein 72E Ortholog of Arabidopsis VAMP72 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0008s0227 Published
MpVICSPER1 VOLTAGE-DEPENDENT ION CHANNEL IN SPERM 1 putative voltage-dependent ion channel In preparation - Public
MpVICSPER2 VOLTAGE-DEPENDENT ION CHANNEL IN SPERM 2 putative voltage-dependent ion channel In preparation - Public
MpVPS33 Vacuolar Protein Sorting 33 SM (Sec1/Munc-18) family protein - Public
MpVPS45 Vacuolar Protein Sorting 45 SM (Sec1/Munc-18) family protein - Public
MpVTI1 Vps10 (Ten) interacting Ortholog of Arabidopsis VTI1 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0019s0067 Published
MpWOX WUSCHEL-RELATED HOMEOBOX Homeodomain protein Mapoly0014s0060 Public
MpWRKY1 MpWRKY1 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0007s0001.1 Public
MpWRKY10 MpWRKY10 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0057s0012.1 Public
MpWRKY11 MpWRKY11 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0061s0030.1 Public
MpWRKY12 MpWRKY12 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0162s0001.1 Public
MpWRKY13 MpWRKY13 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0162s0003.1 Public
MpWRKY14 MpWRKY14 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0467s0001.1 Public
MpWRKY2 MpWRKY2 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0008s0159.1 Public
MpWRKY3 MpWRKY3 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0027s0069.1 Public
MpWRKY4 MpWRKY4 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0031s0170.1 Public
MpWRKY5 MpWRKY5 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0036s0129.1 Public
MpWRKY6 MpWRKY6 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0036s0136.1 Public
MpWRKY7 MpWRKY7 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0039s0030.1 Public
MpWRKY8 MpWRKY8 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0040s0116.1 Public
MpWRKY9 MpWRKY9 transcription factor, WRKY Mapoly0051s0057.1 Public
MpYKT6 YKT6 Ortholog of Arabidopsis YKT6 genes Kanazawa et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015 Epub ahead of print. PMID: 26019268 Mapoly0127s0017 Published
MpYUC1 YUCCA1 enzyme, auxin biosynthesis Mapoly0127s0005 Public
MpYUC2 YUCCA2 enzyme, auxin biosynthesis Mapoly0063s0040 Public
MpYUC3 YUCCA3 enzyme, auxin biosynthesis Mapoly00482s0052 Public
MpYUC4 YUCCA4 enzyme, auxin biosynthesis Mapoly0010s0220 Public
MpYUC5 YUCCA5 enzyme, auxin biosynthesis Mapoly1575s0001 Public
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