[2024.5.7, Updated] The standard genome (MpTak_v7.1, male + female) has been designated as the default genome in MarpolBase. README / Download


Genome Database for Marchantia polymorpha

What's new
2024.3.31 Ver. 7.1 High-quality reference genomes

High-quality reference genomes for Tak-1 (MpTak1_v7.1) and Tak-2 (MpTak2_v7.1) and new standard reference genome (MpTak_v7.1) have become available.
Find them at README / Download

2023.11.11 Marchantia Pangenome Resources

Marchantia Pangenome Resources have become available. Please read this for more details.

2023.6.1 MpTak_v6.1r2 (revision2) now available.

The new revision of the standard reference genome MpTak_v6.1r2 ( male Tak1 genome + female Tak2 U-chr) has been released. Some of the gene models have been updated and some of the unplaced scaffolds have been removed.
Now MpTak_v6.1r2 is designated as the default genome in MarpolBase.
See README for what has been changed. The genome data is downloadable from here

2022.6.3 MBEX: Marpolbase Expression

The expression database for Marchantia, MBEX: Marpolbase Expression, has become available!
Play around with it at https://mbex.marchantia.info. Please see MBEX paper in PCP for more detail.