[2022.6.3] We are happy to announce that the new coexpression database MarpolBaseExpression (MBEX) has become availabe from https://marchantia.info/mbex/.
Thanks to MBEX, images showing gene expression levels are embedded in the gene detail page.


Genome Database for Marchantia polymorpha

What's new
2022.6.3 MBEX: Marpolbase Expression

The expression database for Marchantia, MBEX: Marpolbase Expression, has become available!
Play around with it at https://marchantia.info/mbex/. Please see MBEX paper in PCP for more detail.

2021.3.15 New genome data available

MpTak1_v5.1r2 (Tak1 reference genome with improved gene annotation) and MpTak_v6.1 (Standard reference genome, male Tak1 genome + female Tak2 U-chr).

2020.7.28 Genome data for Marchantia subspecies

Genome data for Mp subsp. polymorpha (MppBR5) and subsp. montivagans (MpmSA2) have become available. (Linde, et al. 2020.)

2020.4.1 Site renewal

Genome databases for JGI 3.1 and MpTak1v5.1 have been integrated.

2020.1.30 Paper published!

The paper describing chromatin profiles and the chromosome-scale genome assebmly (ver5.1) of Marchantia was published from Current Biology.