Genomic data provided on this web site

This web site currently contains two versions of the Marchantia genome, JGI 3.1 and MpTak1v5.1 (M. polymorpha subsp. ruderalis), as well as genomes from subsp. polymorpha (MppBR5) and subsp. montivagans (MpmSA2).
The data provided in this web site is freely available for academic purposes. Please cite our paper if you use the data obtained from the web site.

  • MpTak1v5.1 (latest)

    Chromosome-level genome assembly of the male Tak1 strain obtained from PacBio long-read sequencing and Hi-C scaffolding. Consists of 9 chromosomal sequences and 435 unplaced scaffolds.

    Assembly and annotation version
    The current version of the Marchantia genome assembly is ver5.1 (MpTak1v5.1).
    The current annotation version is Revision 1 (MpTak1v5.1_r1).

    Future updates
    The Genome Annotation Jamboree was held during Marchantia Workshop 2019 (Sendai, Japan) to improve gene annotation.
    We have a plan to update the annotation by incorporating the effort made in the Jamboree, which eventually will be Revision 2.
    This may include several minor fixes of the nucleotide sequences (gap filling, indel correction).

    Chromatin organization in early land plants reveals an ancestral association between H3K27me3, transposons, and constitutive heterochromatin (Montgomery, Tanizawa, Galic, et al. Current Biology, 30(4) P573-588, 2020.

  • JGI 3.1

    Draft genome sequences obtained under the initiative of DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI) for the female BC4 strain. Consists of 2,957 scaffolds (4,454 contigs).
    The genomic data is also available at JGI Genome Portal.

    Insights into land plant evolution garnered from the Marchantia polymorpha genome. (John L. Bowman, Takayuki Kohchi, Katsuyuki T. Yamato, et al. Cell 171(2) p287–304, 2017.

  • MppBR5 and MpmSA2

    MppBR5: Draft genome of M. polymprpha subsp. polymorpha BR5, consisting of 2,741 contigs.
    MpmSA2: Draft genome of M. polymprpha subsp. montivagans SA2, consisting of 2,710 contigs.
    Both genomes were assembled from PacBio long reads using HGAP.

    Evolutionary History of the Marchantia polymorpha Complex. (Linde, et al.) Front. Plant Sci., 26 June 2020.

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