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  • Marchantia as a new-generation model organism

    A liverwort Marchantia polymorpha, which is one of classical model organisms, has been attracting great attention again as a new model organism.

    It is a member of a basal land plant lineage and spends most of its life cycle as a haploid gametophyte, allowing isolation of mutants easily. In addition, as dioecious plants, they can be easily crossed, producing a large quantity of genetically distinct spores by meiosis. Along with its basic characteristics - simple but common with other higher terrestrial plants, these features make this organism an attractive model for molecular genetics and plant developmental biology.

    The genome database for Marchantia polymorpha, MarpolBase, provides a collection of data and tools to support and promote researches that take advantage of M. polymorpha, yet another model organism. (Ishizaki et al. 2016)

  • Citation

    Ver5.1/6.1 genomes and this website
    Chromatin organization in early land plants reveals an ancestral association between H3K27me3, transposons, and constitutive heterochromatin (Montgomery, Tanizawa, Galic, et al. Current Biology, 30(4) P573-588, 2020.

    Ver3.1 genome
    Insights into land plant evolution garnered from the Marchantia polymorpha genome.

    John L. Bowman, Takayuki Kohchi, Katsuyuki T. Yamato, et al., Cell 171(2) p287–304, 2017.

    MppBR5 and MpmSA2
    Evolutionary History of the Marchantia polymorpha Complex.

    Linde, et al., Front. Plant Sci., 26 June 2020.

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