Marchantia Literature Archives

Notes about reference list:

  1. The list contains all references to Marchantia collected by Prof. John Bowman (Monash University) — except those that are merely associated with floras of different regions.
  2. The list is not restricted to Marchantia, but includes references to other liverworts — with a focus on Marchantiopsida and Haplomitriopsida species, but not so much on the Jungermanniopsida.
  3. The list also includes some references to other bryophytes (mosses & hornworts), especially if they pertain to the evolution of land plants or include mention of Marchantia genes.
  4. The list includes palaeobotany, but only with specific reference to the evolution of liverworts and/or land plants.
  5. If you cannot find any copy of a reference of interest, PDFs of most of these papers are available on request. The endnote file that includes all those listed, excepting the manuscripts, is also available.
  6. If you believe critical references are lacking, we are happy to add them in.

FileName Description Size
Marchantia references 1530-1801 Renaissance to Enlightenment.pdf - 186.3 kbyte
Marchantia references 2015-2019 The genome and beyond.pdf - 402.6 kbyte
Marchantia references 1930-1969 Goebel to Cloning.pdf - 375.3 kbyte
Marchantia references 2007-2014 Genome Project thru 2014.pdf - 312.9 kbyte
Marchantia references 2020-2021 recent.pdf - 199.4 kbyte
Marchantia references 1850-1881 Hofmeister to Leitgeb.pdf - 157.6 kbyte
Marchantia references 1881-1929 Leitgeb thru Goebel.pdf - 339.0 kbyte
Marchantia references 1970-1985 Cloning to Mp CpGenome.pdf - 319.4 kbyte
Marchantia references 1802-1849 Cell Theory.pdf - 168.5 kbyte
Marchantia references 1986-2006 Mp CpGenome to Genome Project.pdf - 446.3 kbyte
Marchantia references 06Aug21.pdf - 2.0 Mbyte
Marchantia references 500-1529 Greeks to the Reniassance.pdf - 163.6 kbyte