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FileName Description Size
MpTak1v5.1.soft-masked.fasta Genomic FASTA file with repetitive regions represented by lower-case ACGT 212.7 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1_r1.gff Gene annotation (revision 1, 2019-08, including genomic FASTA) 244.0 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1.fasta Genomic FASTA file (MpTak1_V5.1) 208.5 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1_r1.protein.fasta Protein FASTA files 11.5 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1_r1.cds.fasta Nucleotide sequences for CDS 32.4 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1_r1.mrna.fasta Nucleotide sequences for CDS and UTR 58.1 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1_r1.gene.fasta Nucleotide sequences for gene regions (exon + intron) 105.6 Mbyte
v5.1_gene_function.txt Gene function 5.5 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1_r1.gtf Gene annotation (revision 1, 2019-08) 27.3 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1_r1_primary_transcripts.gtf Gene annotation (revision 1, only primary transcripts) 18.4 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1_r1_primary_transcripts.gff Gene annotation (revision 1, only primary transcripts) 22.3 Mbyte
v5.1_gene_function_oneline.txt Gene function (one gene per line) 4.4 Mbyte Fasta, GFF, GTF (MpTak_V5.1 with female sex chromosome of V3.1) 70.0 Mbyte
MpTak1v5.1r1_GO_annotation.tsv GO annotations for MpTak1v5.1_r1 genes 653.3 kbyte
MpTak1v5.1_repeat_masker.gff - 11.2 Mbyte
gene_correspondence_table_v51.txt - 714.9 kbyte