ID converter

Convert gene IDs between ver5.1 and ver3.1 genes (e.g. Mp1g00100 ↔︎ Mapoly0103s0076). You can also get the result directly by opening the URLs (see Example).

Enter gene IDs below (comma separated or one per line):


ver5.1 to ver3.1: Mp1g00100.1 (→ Mapoly0103s0076.1) URL
ver3.1 to ver5.1: Mapoly0010s0010 (→ Mp5g24480) URL
Convert each other: Mp3g00200.1,Mp1g11470.2,Mpzg01410,MapolyY_A0010
    (→ Mapoly0007s0018.1, Mapoly0014s0079.2, Mapoly0502s0001, MpVg01120) URL