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Basic information

Gene symbolNote
MpERF15MpERF15 is assigned to Mapoly0068s0088 (Mp7g09350) in the Table S7 (List of TF in Mp) of the genome paper, which is sequentially numbered in the ascending order of the Mapoly gene number. Whereas in Table S8, Mapoly0068s0088 is assigned with MpERF1 based on the homology to AtERF1. For consistency with all the ERF-family genes (MpERF1-MpERF23) defined in Table S7, we recommend to use MpERF15 to denote Mapoly0068s0088 (Mp7g09350) and to use MpERF1 to denote Mapoly0001s0341 (Mp1g20040). Note also that 'MpERF1' referred to in Li et al. (Nature Plants, 2020) corresponds to MpERF15 in this database.
Status / submitted
Published / 2017-12-12

Biological information

Gene full nameProduct
MpERF15transcription factor, AP2/ERF, potential ortholog of AtERF1
Gene synonymKeyword
Mapoly0068s0088.1; Mp7g09350.1


Bowman, Kohchi, Yamato, et al., Cell 171(2):287-304.e15; Li et al., 2020 Nature Plants
PubMed IDDOIDDBJ/ENA/GenBank accession number
28985561; 33106638 doi:10.1016/j.cell.2017.09.030; doi:10.1038/s41477-020-00784-y -