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Basic information

Gene symbol *Note

Gene symbol must be unique and start with 'Mp'.

The note will be displayed regardless of the Status.
If you have any special notes regarding this entry, please write here. If not, you may leave this blank.


Reserved: Only basic information will be open to the public.
Published: All the information will be open. (Choose this even if you have no papers to be published. )
Provisional: Registered by administrator and can be updated by users on request. (admin only)

Biological information (not displayed when the Status = 'Reserved')

Gene full nameProduct *
Gene synonymKeyword

e.g. Kit-1, Tak-2, .. etc.


Gene IDs or coordinates in the genome. Use semicolons to separate.
e.g. Mp1g01000; Mapoly0010s0001.1; JGI_3.1:scaffold_1:1000..2000

Reference (not displayed when the Status = 'Reserved')


Use semicolons to separate.
Format: YOURNAME et. al., JOURNAL-NAME VOL:START-END (YEAR). e.g. Bowman et al. Plant Cell Physiol. 57(2):257-61 (2016).

PubMed or PMC IDDOIDDBJ/ENA/GenBank accession number

Use semicolons to separate
(e.g) 28985561; PMC4447296

Use semicolons to separate.
10.1093/pcp/pcv193; 10.1093/gbe/evt137

Use semicolons to separate.
e.g. LC018474; LC018475

Submitter (not displayed when the Status = 'Reserved')

Submitter *Affiliation *

If you wish to describe more than one, use semicolons to separate.
e.g. J.L. Bowman; T. Kohchi; K.T. Yamato

Email * (only visible to admins)Private comment to Administrators (only visible to admins)

Please provide the one for the person who is the most responsible to this entry, i.e. PI, project leader, corresponding author of the paper.

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